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Godaddy and are popular in the online world because of the domain registration and web hosting services they offer. They help to host millions of websites and already have millions of domains registered with them. If you are not known to any of these companies, this review could help you in using the right one for your website.

Domain Registration

GoDaddy allows you to register the popular and country-specific domains. The popular ones like .com, .net and .org can be registered for the first year for $12.99, $9.99 and $4.99 respectively. The .info domain is another option that can be used when creating your information website, and for $2.99, you can register one for the first year. If you want to register these domains in bulk, the company also offers discounts.

[su_button]Button text[/su_button] also allows the registration of these domains, but you should be prepared to pay more. The prices for the .com, .net and .org domains are $35, $38 and $38 respectively, which means that you will pay more when using

Web Hosting

If you need a web hosting service at, the shared hosting is the only one available, with prices ranging from $9.96 to $29.13 provided you are paying for 12 months at once. The Premium package gives you a lot of benefits, including unlimited disk space, data transfer and FTP accounts. You will also have 25 multi-user email accounts, while being provided a domain name free of charge.

GoDaddy sells all the web hosting packages in existence today. You can get shared, VPS, reseller and dedicated hosting with the company, which makes it to have better offers than The shared hosting packages of GoDaddy are cheaper than, as the prices ranging from $4.24 to $9.49 per month if paying for 12 months at once. This makes GoDaddy to be more than three times cheaper than its competitor, and even gives you 1000 email accounts in addition to the other features provided by

If you do not want the shared hosting, you can get the VPS hosting from GoDaddy. This lets you enjoy some dedicated hosting features, while paying the price of the shared hosting. If you are paying for 12 months at once, GoDaddy charges $26.99 per month for the Economy package of the VPS, which you will enjoy VPS at the same price of what is paid for the shared hosting of Register.coM

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