GoDaddy Free Private Registration Coupon

When you register a domain, or you have one transferred to you, your contact and personal details will be automatically listed in the WHOIS of the domain held by you. This information publicly available may then expose you to lots of SPAM (unsolicited commercial emails), telemarketing calls, identity thieves, junk emails, and other attackers who can use your personal information for their benefit. With private registration, your personal information will be hidden from public view, preventing you from experiencing any of the problems mentioned above. (More Info: GoDaddy 7.99 Promo Code)

GoDaddy Free Private Registration

When you register domain names in bulk, or you have them transferred to your domain account with GoDaddy, you will be given free private registration. In most cases, it costs $9.99 to get privacy for your domain name. For instance, if the 100 domain names in your Godaddy account do not have private registration, transferring or registering 5 domains with that account makes you to be eligible for free private registration for the 100 + 5 = 105 domain names. This is one of the ways internet marketers now save money when protecting their personal or business information online.

GoDaddy Free Private Registration Coupon

With GoDaddy free private registration coupon, you can have more savings, especially if you are not registering or transferring domains in bulk. These are some of those coupons:

1. CJC599P – This coupon lets you register a .com domain for $5.99, and you will be given free private registration.

2. LKSRTL5P – This code gives you free private registration when you register your 5 .com domains at the rate of $5.00 each per year.

Watch Out for the Expiry Dates

It is necessary to always act fast if you want to benefit from GoDaddy free private registration coupon. The reason is that a coupon can no longer give you savings if you fail to use it before the date of expiry. For instance, there are coupons which give you a discount of 40% when you register or transfer your .com domains for only $5.99 each. You will also get the free private registration provided the coupons are used before 1/4/13.

Coupon for Specific Domain Extensions

To encourage the use of .COM, .NET, .INFO, .BIZ, .MOBI, and .ORG domain names, GoDaddy also has coupons which give you free private registration. The problem is that the validity of the coupons only last a few days, which means that time should not be wasted if you want to make savings.

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